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The digital app for lifelong recovery from eating and body image issues

Now Available on WebApp!

Overcome your eating and body image issues

Our app combines evidence with human connection for lifelong recovery.

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Track your progress. See results quickly. 

Only 10 minutes a day can start to make a difference!

Get expert support and coaching.

20 weeks based on the strongest evidence base.

Gain confidence and feel motivated.

Invite a friend or family member to support you if you want.

Break your stigma. 

Built with and for others just like you. 

Rachel, 20

Struggling with restricting

“After using the app for 2 months I’m still really enjoying it and getting lots from it. The content and tone of voice is all really good. I’ve been in and out of treatment for years and it’s the best I’ve come across.”

Real quotes, names have been changed.


 Our app is informed by evidence and
lived experience

Our approach is based in the strongest evidence for recovery - CBTe,

  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy "enhanced", which has a strong evidence base for recovery from eating disorders.

Our app focuses on ease of use and fitting in with your life. 

We've spoken to 100s of people with lived experience to help us build our app for people like you.

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64 million

people in the UK & US alone will experience an eating disorder in their lifetime (1)


can't access treatment. (3)

Huge impacts and the highest mortality of any psychiatric

illness. (2)

Eating disorders don't discriminate.Anyone can struggle and many suffer in silence.

You are not alone.

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