Get inspired

At Beanbag we celebrate members' achievements, no matter how little or big. This is a small selection of the amazing work people have been doing to better themselves, within our incredible community on discord. 

Homemade Chocolate Chips

" Cookies! And I don't feel guilty for eating them "

Happy Man

" I'm going to eat crisps for the first time in forever!! Really excited! "

Smiling Girl

" My win today: I videocalled my parents for the first time in a year since moving out. I used not to videocall because I'd feel like a terrible person, thinking they deserve a better daughter, being ashamed of my actions and ED, etc.Felt really refreshing to videocall! It also helped me overcome some negative thoughts I'd been having earlier today "

Grilled Chicken

" I made this and then ate some with my brother! "

White Cake

"Its my birthday tomorrow and I think I am actually going to eat cake "

Eating ICe Cream

" For some reason, there is one local restaurant where my orthorexia still likes to order for me. Well, I'm happy to report that we ordered from there this weekend and I ordered what I wanted. "

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