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We Are Live!
The digital app for recovery from eating and body image issues

The Beanbag Health app is now available for a limited time to trial for free. 

We’re onboarding new users every week.


Here’s the high level overview. We have in depth FAQs below as well. 

What is it: 

Our app supports recovery from eating, exercise and body image issues. It helps with negative thought patterns linked to these issues. 


How does it work:

We’ve adapted CBT-E for a 20 week digital app. CBT-E is a form of therapy that has strong scientific evidence for effectively addressing eating, exercise and body image issues.


Who created it:

The app was developed with the help of a range of experts from clinical practice, behavioral science, academia and people with lived experience.


What people are saying:

“This app is very easy to use, very sensitively put together. It can be used flexibly based on what stage of recovery you are at.” 

“I’ve learned so much more than I thought I would. You can’t find information like this anywhere. If you google you find dieting advice - it’s rare to read something and know it will not make me feel bad about myself.”

“I like it because it makes the process of meal logging easier. I think it makes you more aware of patterns of behaviour, and helps identify where you’re struggling the most. Plus the content is great!”

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