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Do I have an eating disorder?

You might have an eating disorder if your relationship with food, weight, exercise or body image is affecting the quality of your life. This may look restricting the food you eat, compensating in some way (ex. vomiting or laxatives), using excessive exercise or feeling out of control when eating. 


Signs to look out for:

While eating disorders are far from a "one-size fits all," here are some signs to look out for if you feel you may be struggeling with an eating disorder.

  • Exercising excessively and to compensate for eating

  • Obsessing over your weight

  • Going through cycles of calorie restriction and dieting followed by binging

  • Feeling like food is controlling you, or obsessing over calories

  • Feeling ashamed or guilty after eating

  • Worrying that people in your life will find out about your eating behaviors and judge you

  • Feeling self-conscious of your eating behaviors and looks, which might lead you to socialize less

Eating disorders are a big term that is often stigmatized. Most people only think of a narrow demographic but eating disorders can impact anyone at any age and any size. You don't need a diagnosis to be struggling and to want help.

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