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Beanbag Health:
building resilience, harnessing community

In a world where healthcare is meant to be more accessible than ever, too many people struggle in silence or are turned away due to capacity issues.

Our mission is to provide accessible, evidence-informed and scientifically backed support for all eating disorders and reduce inpatient admissions. This means getting access to help when you need it - the way you need it. At Beanbag, we're fighting for a world where everyone thrives in all stages of life - without stigma, without shame and without fear.

A note from our CEO...

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"We set up Beanbag to help address a public health emergency. Pressure to have a body that looks or performs in a certain way comes at us from all directions and has never been more intense. The inevitable result has been a dramatic rise in eating disorders and related eating, exercise and body image issues. I know how nasty and dangerous these issues can be but I also know that recovery is possible!


The idea behind Beanbag is to create a source of support and community that is there for you throughout your recovery journey. We have designed our support based on the scientific evidence for what works and through listening to what our app users tell us works for them. We’re on your side, helping you achieve your goals and bringing a kind, inclusive and non-judgmental approach."

Simon Tucker, Founder + Chief Executive

Meet our Clinical Advisory Team


Dr. Iain Jordan is our Clinical Lead and Chair of our Clinical Advisory Board. He is a consultant psychiatrist. He has worked for 20 years in public health services in the UK and Ireland. For the past 10 years he was a consultant in Psychological Medicine at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust specializing in the care of patients with complex physical and mental health conditions, including eating disorders. He is also an Honorary Senior Lecturer at The University of Oxford and works as an advisor and clinical supervisor to a number of charities including Talk for Health, a mental health charity. He is also the founder of Joia! where he uses improv acting classes to help people with anxiety.

Dr. Iain Jordan (M.D)

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Dr. Ellen Fitzsimmons-Craft is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Washington University in St. Louis and a licensed psychologist. Her research centers on how best to disseminate evidence-based interventions from research to practice and serve the large number of people in need of care for eating disorders but who are not receiving services through technology. Dr. Ellen is also Fellow in the Academy for Eating Disorders and has authored more than 110 peer-reviewed publications that have been cited over 4,500 times in the literature.

Dr. Ellen Fitzsimmons-Craft (M.D)

Catch us on...

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Beanbag Health - The Digital App for Lifelong Recovery with Lindsey

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Body Image and Disability

Instagram Live (recap) with Jessica Jordan, disability activist, influencer, model and content creator. 

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