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your recovery, your rules.


The only therapy-based app for people with disordered eating

Reclaim your body and mind through our 20 week recovery program

Crafted by medical and scientific experts, Beanbag will be by your side as you take your courageous first step into lifelong recovery.

Choose from a 1:1 guided or a self-guided version of Beanbag based on your needs. Our guides all have lived experience with EDs and are uniquely positioned to support and motivate you in your recovery.

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What is Beanbag about?

It's about your mind, not calories.

Science says so!

Adapted from Enhanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT-e) and developed with leading scientists and medical professionals, Beanbag's 20 week program focuses on the psychology of recovery to directly influence your journey. We help you discover yourself (and all your parts) to reframe your thoughts and relationship with your body.

It's about empowerment, not shame.

You lead, we listen.

Unlike many recovery options out there, Beanbag is for patient-led recovery. Our modules are crafted to fit into your life, not take over it. You know what best works for you, and we go at your pace.

It's about data security, not data tracking.

No sneaky data collection - ever.

Data security and privacy is something we’re very concerned with. Your recovery is your business - no one else’s. We’re regulated by GDPR rules in Europe - the most stringent privacy policy in the world. We don’t sell or trade any of your data to third-parties.


Our users say...

Rachel, 20

Struggling with restricting

“After using the app for 2 months I’m still really enjoying it and getting lots from it. The content and tone of voice is all really good. I’ve been in and out of treatment for years and it’s the best I’ve come across.”


Our partners

We've built a network of the best companies in the space who are fully committed to our mission of patient-led recovery. And we're constantly partnering with more people in the space!

64 million

people in the UK & US alone will experience an eating disorder in their lifetime (1)


can't access treatment. (3)

Huge impacts and the highest mortality of any psychiatric

illness. (2)

Eating disorders don't discriminate.

Anyone can struggle and many suffer in silence.

Make the first step.
We're with you all the way.

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